April 29, 2013

May Vegan Potluck!

Come join us May 11th at 12 PM! 

Bonny's Pizza & Pub! 

12:00 PM (Come on time to have a chance to taste everything.)

It's that time again!! This month's Seoul Vegan Potluck will be held May 11th at 12 PM at Bonny's Pizza & Pub! 

This month's theme is-Around the World One Dish at a Time.
So, bring a dish that represents your favorite cuisine to share.

We had such a great turn-out last month; let's see if we can spread the word that vegan food is delicious to even more this month. Invite your friends.

A few notes:

Remember if you come at 12, you will have a chance to sample all the goodies. Late arrivals may risk missing out on some good eats.

Try to label your dishes so that we know what we are eating, and who to ask about ingredients/preparation. You can just tape a small paper to the side of the dish with your name.

If you don't know, Bonny's has a vast selection of tasty beers from all over the world. Please thank them by purchasing a beverage or three! Please do not bring any beverages.

If you are shy about cooking, or are stumped about what to make, the folks at Bonny's will have a vegan pizza available! So, you could buy a pizza to share.

DIRECTIONS-Noksapyeong station - exit 2. Walk straight and turn left at the wall of kimchi pots. Bonny's is on the left after the small grocery store and before Philly's.

Bonny's pub

Please share this event with your friends!!

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