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When coming to Korea and wanting to eat vegan or vegetarian food , things can seem extremely daunting. Even though Korean dishes include a lot of vegetables they also include a lot of meat and sneaky fish oils.
Here are some blogs to help with your time in Korea.

This is possibly one of the more famous vegan blogs in Seoul. Written by a vegan it gives the reader a lot of information on places to eat in Seoul and also some nice recipes. She has a bakeshop to order from too if you fancy some home made baked goods.

I found this the other day while looking for vegan kimchi recipes ( I will conquer that one, one day) I actually worked with the author until Friday when she left our school. Coincidence!
Although she has stopped writing this blog now it does have a lot of information and recipes to follow and learn from.

I really enjoy this blog from a vegan couple. I believe that they are in America right now ( I think she is Korean and he is American) but they have a lot of Korean recipes on their blog and I buy a lot of the products they have advertised. Because I cannot understand Korean myself sometimes I will end up buying products that have sneaky meat or fish ingredients, this blog helps a lot with that!

I knew this girl from volunteering in a rescue dog shelter in Busan 2 years ago. She has a lot of recipes on her blog and lots of information on what vegan ingredients you can buy here and where to buy them.

This is my personal blog, I plan to get it a little more updated with recipes that I have experimented with in Korea but for now I am just doing some shameful plugging.

This is a fresh, witty approach to being a vegan in Korea. Beautiful pictures of delicious foods and advice to go with it.

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