April 1, 2013

Come join us April 6th at 1 PM! 

Magpie Brewing Co. 

1:00 PM (Come on time to have a chance to taste everything.)

The weather is warming up and it is time to get out of the house. What better way to celebrate spring than with good food! This month's theme is My Favorite Dish. Please bring one (big, if possible) vegan dish to share with everyone. 

This time we have been offered the use of a kitchen (stove, pizza oven, etc.) from the folks at Magpie Brewing Co. This is your chance to get creative in the kitchen and make something that might be impossible in your own kitchen. If you are interested, please send an email that includes what time you would like to arrive and what you would like to use.

A few notes:

Remember if you come at 1, you will have a chance to sample all the goodies. Late arrivals may risk missing out on some good eats.

Please bring enough to share (if you take advantage of using the kitchen you won't need to transport the food, just your ingredients.)

Please thank Magpie by purchasing a beverage or three! Please do not bring any beverages.

If you are shy about cooking, or are stumped about what to make, the folks at Magpie have offered to put a vegan pizza on the menu for the day! So, you could buy a pizza to share.

Please share this event with your friends!!


If you wish, please share your recipes by sending them in a message to SVP after the potluck. We will post them on our recipe blog so everyone can share and use recipes from the potluck on their Meatless Mondays (or every-days!) 

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