June 1, 2013

Crunchy, spicy Tofu bites

Last week I held a mini potluck for a few guests and made these, they went down amazingly so thank you Gemma !!
From Gemma Wardle and her blog
2 blocks of Tofu (squeezed, frozen, then defrosted)
4 tablespoons of Mexican seasoning (you can buy a giant bag at i-Herb for about $8)
2 tablespoons of sweet chili sauce
1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce or balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
200ml of soy milk
100g of flour
100g of nutritional yeast (i-Herb)
150g of  breadcrumbs (every Korean supermarket sells them 빵가루)
200ml of soy bean oil for frying
The tofu needs to be prepared in advance. Buy your blocks, pour away the water, and then put them on a plate. Top them with a board and put something heavy on top for a few hours. You may need to pour away the water every hour or so. Once they have been sufficiently dehydrated wrap them in cling film and put them in the freezer. They need to freeze at least overnight but you can leave them in there as long as you like. Take it out the day you want to use it and let it defrost. You will notice that the tofu has now become much firmer and spongier. Squeeze out as much extra water as you can. Then cut the blocks into chunks.
Mix together the Mexican seasoning, Worcestershire sauce , sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, and a tablespoon or two of the soy milk until it makes a paste. Toss the tofu chunks in the sauce and leave to marinate for an hour or so in a container in the fridge.
Put the breadcrumbs and the nutritional yeast into a large bowl and mix. Place the flour in a second bowl and pour the remaining soy milk into a third bowl. First roll the tofu chunks in the flour, then dip them into the soy milk and finally roll them in the breadcrumb and yeast mixture making sure they are evenly coated. In a frying pan pour in enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan, then keep on a low to medium heat. Cook the chunks in batches, cooking for a few minutes on each side until they are golden brown. Remove them from the pan when they are done and place on a piece of kitchen towel to remove excess oil. Repeat until all your tofu bites are cooked. Serve with with the dip of your choice and enjoy. Voilà a cheap and easy tofu-rific treat.

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