November 19, 2012

November Vegan Potluck

This weekend's November Vegan Potluck was a huge success!  We had the largest crowd to date (over 110 people according to the Facebook event page!) and of course that meant even more awesome food.  The potluck was held in Kyungnidon on an amazing rooftop overlooking the city.  The weather was chilly which made the rooftop BYOB (bring your own blanket) event even more snuggly and once the sun went down, there was plenty of room by the fire and lots of spicy mulled wine to keep everyone warm.  A million thanks to our hosts, Stephanie and Ryan for opening up their amazing home to a bunch of new friends!

We have some great photos from the potluck this time around by the lovely Janna Gibson.  She snapped some great shots and even convinced someone to climb on top of the roof to get some awesome aerial shots!  Check out her blogs, The Long Way Back Home and the mega awesome Couple Story- a blog dedicated to "couples look" in Korea.  Super rad :)

Here are a few of her shots from the November Vegan Potluck and you can check them all out here on our Facebook page

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped to make this month's get-together a huge, delicious success!  Keep an eye out for all the December Vegan Potluck details soon! 

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